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Spicewood Estates Homeowners Association (SEHA) Google Group

If you haven't signed up for our new neighborhood Google group, please join today our new free, easy to use email group service. We hope that you'll give it a try we will eventually want everyone to migrate to the new Google group from our email distribution list so that you, as a neighbor, can have more input to discussions (if you desire).

We will use this group as a way of communicating news and information to and among neighbors in Spicewood Estates. For example, it will provide a forum for buy/sell/trade of personal items, recommendations for contractors, lost and found notices, neighborhood activity groups and events, concerns about neighborhood animals or suspicious activities/security threats and City of Austin events and information or anything that you as a Spicewood Estates homeowner is interested in sharing with your neighbors.


Visit http://groups.google.com/group/spicewood-estates-austin?lnk=srg&hl=en and click on "Apply for group membership" on the right side of the screen to participate in this group. If you are using a different email address than you usually use for the messages on our current email distribution list, please include some information, e.g. name and address, so that we will recognize that you are a Spicewood Estates homeowner.

If you do not already have a Google Account, you will need to create an account. Note: this is NOT a signup for a Google email address. It is a way to create a password and nickname that you will use for the Google Group. When you are approved by one of the moderators, you can also receive posts to the site in your regular email box by just adjusting or editing your membership. You may choose to receive individual mails, a daily digest, just special bulletins, or no mail at all. If you subscribe to monitor discussions and receive announcements, your email address is not visible to the rest of the group. It only becomes visible when you create a post.

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